#428 – Richard Dawkins

David sits down with Richard at his hotel in Los Angeles to discuss his new book, Outgrowing God. They engage on topics like dealing with death as an atheist, how we view spirituality and biology, and they both weigh in on questions from listeners who are atheists and Christians. Richard even takes a few questions from recent Dogma Debate guests! Please visit centerforinquiry.org to get involved with their special projects you’ll hear about on this episode!

#426 – Sunday School Teacher vs. David Smalley

In one of the most controversial episodes yet, Nick McClellan, who leads Sunday School in a small town in Georgia, gives reasons why humans deserve school shootings, rape, and cancer. His explanations may upset you, and his descriptions of how he’s had a direct encounter with Jesus may shock you. The extended version is available with no commercial interruption at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.

#425 – Reformed Christian Mom vs. David Smalley

AD-FREE SHOW ON PATREON! Her atheist brother is a Patreon 4th Listener, and she is a Christian listener who debates with her brother quite often. They both join David for a discussion on women in the Bible, the sins of gay sex, and why evil happens in the world. In the extended portion, she talks directly with her brother: patreon.com/davidcsmalley.