#383 – Black Hebrew Israelite

Aphiah Cey-Jude joins David Smalley to discuss his special lineage as one of God's Chosen People, as a descendent of Hebrew Israelites. David explores his views on biblical slavery, and why he thinks we should still follow the Old Testament while worshipping Jesus Christ.

#381 – Unidentified Baptist: John Doe

Known only as "John Doe" on Twitter, this guest says men should lead all households even if the woman is the more qualified leader, and that David misunderstands biblical slavery. We also surprise another 'spiritual' guest with his favorite YouTuber, Jaclyn Glenn in studio! This is our chance to discuss Atheism 101: the basics of what it means to be an atheist.

#379 – Flat Earther: Travis Finley

This one goes much better! A do-over with a respectful flat earther who makes his case and listens to evidence. A surprise Patreon supporter got an invite to join us in studio. Will you be next? Get full commercial free episodes and extra content at: patreon.com/davidcsmalley