#347 – Doubting Christian vs. David Smalley

Everyone questions their faith. Few have the courage to do it before thousands of people. Jordy Moffat is a believer who supports Dogma Debate on Patreon, and was willing to share his thoughts during his journey on this podcast. To interact with Jordy and David, and share your thoughts on the episode, join us at patreon.com/dogmadebate.

#346 – Transwoman vs. Christianity

EXPLICIT! Stephanie Guttormson recently underwent Gender Confirming Surgery, and reveals personal and private details about the process. She takes questions from Dogma Debate Patrons (atheists and Christians) on how it all works, and what Humanists and Christians can do to be more supportive of the LGBT community. Please email Stephanie with your support or feedback at stephanie.guttormson@gmail.com, and join us on patreon.com/dogmadebate for behind-the-scenes access and commercial free content.

#345 – Growing Up Atheist

EXPLICIT! Hollywood Comedian, Isak Allen, discusses being raised atheist, and talks about how morality, church, love for others, and his own divorce have played roles in shaping his worldview. David gets a letter from a fan about dealing with depression as an atheist, and the guys discuss celebrities who disappoint you with their political views. News for the 4th Listener by Michael Cain.