#350 – Former SJW Speaks Out

EXPLICIT! Comedian Jamie Kilstein discusses his time as a Social Justice Warrior, the abuse allegations that sent him into hiding, his return to comedy, and his friendship with Robin Williams. This episode covers suicide, depression, online bullying, sexual abuse, harassment, and how irresponsible journalism can ruin lives. Don’t ignore that explicit tag. This one is extremely explicit. Support Jamie by signing up at patreon.com/fuckuppod and show him some Twitter love @JamieKilstein.

#347 – Doubting Christian vs. David Smalley

Everyone questions their faith. Few have the courage to do it before thousands of people. Jordy Moffat is a believer who supports Dogma Debate on Patreon, and was willing to share his thoughts during his journey on this podcast. To interact with Jordy and David, and share your thoughts on the episode, join us at patreon.com/dogmadebate.